EduDeo Ministries

Your Love Can Get Students Back to School

Back-to-school season is here, but for many students around the world, they won't make it to the classroom this year.

You see, many kids in places like Zambia simply can’t afford to go to school.

Even though tuition is free, they can’t afford basic supplies. Things like uniforms, backpacks, shoes, books, and pencils.

If you’ve ever shopped for kids or grandkids, you’ll know those costs all add up real fast.

This is where you can step up. For just $92, you can provide kids in our partner schools with everything they need to get back in the classroom.

And that means, you’ll help make sure they never miss a class again. Instead, they’ll be learning and experiencing the hope that comes from Christ-centred education.

But here’s the thing: if you decide to give a gift, it’s critical you do so before the end of the day today.

The new school year is starting, and we are planning to get as many kids as possible back in school. If they keep missing classes because they can’t afford supplies, they’ll fall further behind and be in danger of dropping out.

When students drop out of their Christ-centred schools, they lose out on so much. They won’t learn life skills. They may not see Christ-like role models.

With your prayers and loving gift of $92, you can fill students' backpacks and hearts. You'll make sure they have everything they need for an exceptional school year.

YES! I hold all God's children in my heart and want them to feel His love.

Today, I will help kids like Caesar get all the supplies they need so they don't have to worry about school this year.

*All suggested amounts are based on preliminary budgets submitted by partners in the field. The amounts are illustrative and intended to provide an idea of how funds will be used; they do not guarantee that an individual gift will go to that specific use. All gifts will be used to fund student bursaries in EduDeo partner countries.*