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Guido Gets Creative for Girls' Education

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Around the world, more than 130 million girls are not currently in school, and 15 million of them probably won’t even set foot in a classroom in their lifetime.

Girls face unique cultural, economic, and gender-based challenges that keep them from attending school. Dangerous trips to school, child marriage, early pregnancy, household chores, and inadequate healthcare all keep girls out of school and away from opportunities to change the future for themselves and their families.

But when a girl receives an education, it’s not just her that’s impacted. She positively impacts her family, her community, and even her entire country.

EduDeo and its partner in Zambia, CCAP, want to build six washroom facilities and one on-campus dorm so that girls can focus on their education while also staying safe and healthy. Because equal access to a quality, Christ-centred education means both boys and girls can impact their communities both today and for generations to come.

This is where the Grade 12 class at Guido de Brès Christian High School in Hamilton, Ontario comes in.

While studying global inequalities in Geography class, the students learned that many girls in Zambia are prevented from attending school due to a lack of sanitation facilities or the need to walk long distances – but that Christ-centred education works to break down these inequalities. With this new knowledge, they put their creative minds to work and decided on a “travelling toilet” campaign to bring awareness to the issue and help raise funds for washrooms and dorms for girls in Zambia.

Students thought a toilet would be a surprising way to not only catch people's attention but also remind them that many girls around the world do not have access to sufficient washroom facilities. Over the course of a six week campaign, the Grade 12 class will place a toilet in different locations at their school, but not offer their peers any explanation. Over time, the toilet will change locations and be decorated in different ways, continuing to spark curiosity and questions from others. The class will invite the entire student body to participate in games, bid for their teachers to use the toilet as a chair for a day, and launch a social media campaign to spread awareness in their larger community.

Their hope is that throughout the campaign, they can educate others on the importance of girls’ education, as well as raise much-needed funds for washrooms and dormitories so that girls in Zambia can attend school more regularly and multiply the effect of their education and skills in their community.

We now need you to make the travelling toilet campaign – and the campaign for girls’ education – a success.

Give a gift to support the Grade 12 Guido students while also supporting girls’ education in Zambia. Your gift will directly support the construction of six girls’ washrooms and one girls’ dorm at CCAP schools in Lundazi, Zambia. The Grade 12 class has a fundraising goal of $7,200 and we need you to help them get there.

Total Raised
$7200 Goal

Yes! I will give a gift to support the traveling toilet campaign and girls’ washrooms and dorms in Zambia!


All donated funds will be designated to constructing six girls' washrooms and one girls' dormitory in Zambia. If we exceed our fundraising goal for these projects, the remaining funds will be used for other Board-approved EduDeo Ministries projects where the need is greatest.