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Walking for Water in Zambia

Nothing should stand in the way of a child attending a Christ-centred school.

These schools are places of belonging and learning, where Christ's love is experienced and discovered through relationships, projects, and every minute spent at school.

But there are still barriers and injustices standing in the way of many children getting to school - and even fully enjoying school once they get there.

Just look at Msuzi Primary School in Lundazi, Zambia. Msuzi specifically welcomes students with physical disabilities, as they know these children face extra barriers to a quality, Christ-centred education. But the school still needs to grow. They have accessible, specially designed classrooms and dorms for students, but the buildings still need a water system.

That's where the students of Grade 3J at Covenant Christian School in Leduc, Alberta, see themselves fitting in.

The Covenant students have been asking themselves how they can contribute to positive change against injustice and build global community. After learning about Msuzi's care for vulnerable students and its ongoing needs, the students knew they could step up and support their fellow students around the world.

The Covenant students have written letters to Msuzi students, talked with EduDeo's partners in Zambia, and even hauled water to gain the experience of what it means to live without accessible water.

Now, the Covenant students need your help. They want to raise awareness and funds to support Msuzi's new water system - and you can help make it a reality.

The more Covenant raises, the more water they'll be able to use in their year-end water fight! If they reach their goal of $5000, students will get to use 500 gallons of water for a dunk tank. Building global community can be empowering and fun at the same time - so make a donation and support them today.

Total Raised
$5000 Goal

Yes! I will support the Covenant Water Campaign and the new water system at Msuzi Primary School in Zambia!


All donated funds will be designated to constructing a new water system at Msuzi Primary School in Zambia. If we exceed our fundraising goal for this project, the remaining funds will be used for other Board-approved EduDeo Ministries projects where the need is greatest.