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Redeemer Steps Up For STEM

Across Africa, less than 25% of higher education students pursue STEM-related careers.

That's almost an entire workforce of young people missing out on careers that could provide meaning, purpose, and positive change for not only their own lives, but their entire community.

But the problem doesn't just start in university, it starts earlier. Lack of trained high school teachers, lack of awareness on the importance of STEM, and most of all: lack of access to proper resources and infrastructure in high school.

Students may attend high school for four to six years without ever setting foot in a science lab. And even if they do, the lab may not be set up with the right resources to help students learn. Science is just taught to their heads, but seldom involves their hands.

This is where you come in. You have the power to put science in the hands of Zambian students.

Redeemer University in Ancaster, Ontario wants to see more students take hold of meaningful futures in STEM. They want students all around the world to take their science learning out of books and into real life applications.

That's why they've partnered with EduDeo to raise funds for a new science lab at Mphamba Secondary School in Lundazi, Zambia. The school has opened in 2018, but has been operating since then without a science lab. It's 318 students only learn science from books and teacher instruction - but not with hands-on work.

Redeemer is offering Christian schools across Canada a selection of compound light and dissection microscopes in exchange for a donation to Mphamba's new science lab.

Please help make the STEM dreams of Zambian students a reality.

Please make a donation and ensure the future of science education continues with the next generation.

Yes! I passionately care about the future of STEM around the world. I will put science into the hands of the next generation.


All donated funds will be designated to constructing a new science lab at Mphamba Secondary School in Zambia. If we exceed our fundraising goal for these projects, the remaining funds will be used for other Board-approved EduDeo Ministries projects where the need is greatest.