EduDeo Ministries

You Can Give God's Love to Teachers


Thousands of teachers are waiting to attend training workshops.

They're waiting to attend a workshop like Pablo did.

Pablo is a teacher in Guatemala, and grew up with unfriendly, strict, unfair teachers. It was all he knew, so for years he taught with the same attitudes he had seen.

But then in 2019, he attended a workshop that changed his entire approach to teaching. He says "the workshop helped me to be more confident with my students and have more trust in them and in myself.”

Thousands of teachers are waiting for that same transformational experience at a workshop.

Not just any workshop, but a workshop that will help them be the Gospel-centred, love-filled teachers they long to be.

They just need a way to change their approach. They need new skills and tools. They need you.

Will you step up for teachers today?

But more than that...

Will you step up for students too?

There's a lot more than just a teacher's investment on the line here. A student's self-confidence, love, and entire future are on the line too.

Because if their teachers don’t receive investment, if they aren’t equipped with skills to show God’s love, resolve conflict, teach the Gospel, and lead like Christ… kids may go on not hearing the words of encouragement they desperately need to hear.

They may go on hearing words like: "You're not very smart. I don't care if you show up or not. You probably won't achieve anything in life. You don't matter to me."

Those are words a child should never hear from their teachers. Will you make sure they don't by giving to invest in workshops for their teachers?

Just $170 will provide a teacher with one week of training. It's crucial you give a gift today, though. Because we know you don't want another second to go by where kids don't know Jesus love.

The longer teachers have to wait for training workshops, the longer their students will wait to hear and experience God's love in the classroom.

But you can give God's love to teachers and students around the world. Whether that's through a prayer or a generous gift of $170, you'll show teachers and students you care deeply about them.

YES! I will show I care about students by investing in their teachers! I have God’s love in my heart, and I want teachers to have the same.

I will help teachers become strong, confident, and filled with God’s love.

*All gifts will be used to fund workshops and training programs for teachers and leaders within EduDeo Ministries’ international partners. If we exceed our fundraising goal for this project, the remaining funds will be used for other Board-approved EduDeo Ministries projects where the need is greatest.*