EduDeo Ministries

Thank a Teacher 2022

Teachers are at the heart of education.

Teachers are the ones students can tell their dreams to, get advice from, learn about God with, and get the building blocks for their careers. Teachers are the ray of light that shines Christ in education to their students and entire communities.

But teachers need help to shine. Why? Because there’s a global learning crisis going on.

Around the world, approximately 400 million children in school can’t reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and math. One of the main reasons? Teachers are under-trained and ill-equipped to give their students an excellent education. 400 million children. That’s far too many kids being let down and left in the dark. They deserve better. They deserve teachers who give absolutely everything to ensure they receive both God’s love and an excellent education.

But there is a solution to the learning crisis, and you can do something to lower the 400 million.

In the next twelve months, we’re planning to work with international partners to hold over 30 trainings and workshops in 10 countries. The trainings will equip teachers in Gospel-centred teaching, faith & technology, leadership, strategic planning, and much more. Will you give a gift to ensure these trainings can happen?

On average, it costs $135 for one teacher to receive one week of training. Can you cover that cost? That’s a big ask, so any gift you can give would still go a long way to have a big impact.

Take Miguel’s story as just one small example of the important impact your support will have for teachers. Miguel has been teaching for nine years at Santa Maria School in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

“After looking for a job for more than three years, AMG (EduDeo’s partner) opened the door for me without any experience. At the beginning, teaching was very difficult. But I prayed for help that God would give me ideas and strategies. I prayed not to feel afraid of the students, but to love them so I could do my job. And God answered my prayers.

AMG gave me not only an opportunity to work, but they gave a scholarship to continue studying in university for my teaching degree. They have invested in me, and I have participated in different trainings. They taught me how to do a plan and how to teach based on Bible principles. I have grown not only professionally, but personally and spiritually. I have seen how AMG cares for my growth, and I consider them my family.

By making a donation, you can help more teachers change their stories – just like Miguel did – and become the leaders, guides, and lights the children of this world deserve.

Yes! I will give to ensure teachers can access much-needed training!


*All donated funds will be designated to educator training workshops. If excess funds are raised, they will be used where needed for board-approved EduDeo Ministries programs.*