EduDeo Ministries

You Can Help Teachers Centre Their Classrooms In Christ!

Teachers around the world need the right tools to make Christ the centre of their classrooms.

Your generosity can give more teachers the training they need to reveal Christ and His love in their classrooms! Even though the curriculum teachers are given is beneficial for their students, it doesn't focus the lessons on Jesus.

It’s so important to train teachers how to properly relate their lessons to the Gospel. Because, for some students, school is one of the only places where they can learn about Jesus. Without this training, teachers struggle to show God’s plan through their lessons.

Your love can help teachers show students the role they plan in God's big story!

With your generous gift of $39, you can completely cover the cost for one teacher to attend a workshop where they will recieve this essential training. You'll be giving them the tools they need to make Christ the centre of their classrooms.

But that’s not all: the teacher you support will share her or his learnings with the other teachers at their school. Meaning, when you give to help one teacher, you’re actually reaching an entire school of educators eager to show Christ's love to their students as well!

Thank you so much for your passion for teachers and students in schools around the world.

Yes! I want teachers to be equipped to reveal God's story to their students. I want to see every child transformed by the Gospel!


All suggested amounts are based on preliminary budgets submitted by partners in the field. The amounts are illustrative and intended to provide an idea of how funds will be used; they do not guarantee that an individual gift will go to that specific use. Your gift will be used to fund teacher training workshops in the countries where EduDeo's international partners work. If we exceed our fundraising goal for this project, the remaining funds will be used for Board-approved EduDeo Ministries projects where the need is greatest.